Information Is Power

The more you know about a subject, the better chance of success.

ECOLOGY TECHNOLOGY has spent the last 17 years studying and compiling the most complete information start-up package available to you, anywhere, at any price. When you have this information in your hands you can see it make your own personal business successful. You can see $2,395 turn into $4000, then $4000 into $8000, and $8,000 into $16,000, and so on.

This is the American Dream come true. Monthly gains like these - over and over - in any economic conditions. This is how fortunes are made everyday in America and around the world. I personally suggest you start on a small scale and grow gradually, as you gain experience, and you let the worms do the work.

Now that we've made over $7,000,000 in 17 years, we believe the key to prosperity is through education. We do give private seminars when you purchase one of our incubator kits.This is a one on one  2-3 hour seminar where we explain everything starting with an empty incubator, how to make your bedding, feeding, fattening and harvesting your worms. We even show you how to be very successful, plus the whole picture on what these worms are used for today, and it's not just about fishing anymore. Thousands of people have attended our seminars and couldn't thank us enough for the information and education we provided them, so many in fact that sometimes we are booked 2 months in advance! A lot of potential worm growers call and ask "When are you going to have a DVD made so we can have a seminar in our home?"

Well, we listened to what the people wanted and put a seminar on DVD! (Only $24.95)

Now Available on DVD!

"How To Make Money
Raising Worms"

This DVD gives more education about the worm industry than you can get anywhere else. We have packed years of experience on DVD.

You will learn:


Exactly where the market is


How long the market will be there (As long as people want to eat food.)


How to make worm bedding


How and what to feed


How to water your herd


How to harvest and how often


How to package and ship


Valuable insight into the industry


Plus much more


I know you'll enjoy watching this DVD workshop as much as I enjoyed giving it. Drop me a note and let me know what you think. It's like having someone right there with you helping you at home!

Q. What could be more exciting than being at one of our workshops?
A. Having it at home to watch over and over again!


Informational DVD Only $24.95 (shipping is included)




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