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Worms + Free Food = Big Bucks


My wife and I made $30,983 our first year Part Time.
We made $139,936 our second year Full Time.

Let us show you how to raise worms for unlimited income potential!

Be "The Boss" of your own new business. I call this the perfect part-time - spare hour home business! So will you. Here's why - no selling, no mail order, no recruiting, no employees, no real estate, almost no overhead! And no phone!

Whether you plan a part-time or full-time money making project, you'll find it fascinating as well as a very profitable enterprise. It costs so little to start, requires so little time and effort, and pays so well, once you've developed it to the harvest stage, it is one of the best home-money-making projects we know of. A part time worm business may be built into a huge money maker within the limits of a basement, garage, patio, or spare room and can be expanded to a profitable full time business if properly managed and taken care of.

Feed and water time - about 4 hours a week!

You Don't have to quit your job!

But you may want to in a year or so when your earnings surpass your regular salary. Environmental accounting through the use of vermiculture is being pushed on us by governmental legislation more everyday. You can capitalize on it and make big bucks while recycling.

Almost anyone can raise worms, women, children or handicapped persons.

It's an excellent retirement project for elderly persons who want to keep busy and supplement their income.

California recently passed a state law requiring all cities and counties to cut solid waste volume by 50% or face $10,000.00 a day in fines. Now 24 other states have passed similar laws. Worms can produce more compost in a shorter time than any other tool known to the gardener, farmer or land fill diversion operators. "Clearly vermiculture is a technology whose time has come to America, just in time". Worms are valuable assets in the disposal of man's organic waste, not only in home composting but on the commercial scale, as well. The Eisenia Foetida is capable of eating up to half its own weight of organic waste per day!

There are actually many areas of interest to us when it comes to marketing our worms:

bulletEarthworms for bait
bulletBreeding stock
bulletSoil improvement for large and small agriculture (coffee plantations, grape vineyards, etc.)
bulletManure management (dairy, hog and turkey farms, etc.)
bulletVermicomposting on both large and small scale operations (landfill diversion sites, prisons, military bases, etc.)
bulletFood sources for zoo's, pet stores and game breeders

In the U.S. and around the world, worms are now converting yard trimmings and other organic waste into worm castings (worm poop) which is an organic fertilizer. It is rich in phosphorous, nitrogen, potassium, calcium and other nutrients. Some landfill diversion sites are currently using 75,000 to 150,000 pounds of worms to convert tons of waste into vermicompost, a valuable product, selling anywhere from $35.00 to $90.00 per cubic yard.

Composting is the key element in reducing solid waste. In the past few years, the city of San Francisco has subsidized the sale of 10,000 composting bins to residents for the city's recycling program.

Worm Growers Needed Now!!

Currently, demand for worms far out strips supply. As more and more commercial vermiculture operations are being started up, the supply of red worms becomes even more critical. We at ECOLOGY TECHNOLOGY are bridging the gap between insufficient supply and growing demand! We offer complete business start up kits, books, information on marketing resources, and after market support. (Free Phone and Email Support) When we make sure you are successful, we are making sure we are successful as well!!

ECOLOGY TECHNOLOGY buys red worms from it's growers at $10.00 per pound. We also teach you how to market the castings and "worm tea" (a liquid fertilizer) that are by-products through the use of our incubation process. So, you put in waste organic material and get out three products that all equal $$$. Typical bedding used with our system is made from shredded newspaper and peat moss. The worms will eat their bedding as well as the other organic materials such as grass, leaves, manure from horses, cows, rabbits, etc., and free produce from stores and restaurants.

Miracle Of Multiplication

Red worms are such prolific breeders that it is easy to understand why this is such an amazing "Money Maker". One thousand (1 pound) mature breeders under controlled conditions and temperature that promote continuous breeding throughout the year can multiply to more than 1,250,000 worms and egg capsules. What this means is that each worm is capable of producing one egg capsule per week (4 eggs per month) from which an average of 4 worms per capsule hatch out. That's a total of 16 worms a month from each breeding worm! That's 1,600% increase in your product every month. That's a lot safer and higher rate of return than stocks or bonds.


We at ECOLOGY TECHNOLOGY have used breakthrough technology to create the first "WORM FACTORY INCUBATOR" that is the ultimate MONEY MACHINE!! The incubator is a digitally controlled, electronically heated, insulated fiberglass unit designed to maximize the worms prolific breeding capabilities at the cost of about $5.00 a month for electricity. This incubator is specially engineered with proper air exchange and an 85-gallon liquid catcher tray as the base. You just add feed stock to the top and harvest castings and worm tea from the chamber and tank below. Our incubators allow you to have your worms breeding all year round, even in the coldest conditions.

You can gain a great part-time income or financial independence with our system. Don't throw away any more organic matter-MAKE MONEY WITH IT!

You too can start earning money at home in your spare time.
Grow Worms With Us!!

You Will Be Excited!!




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