The Incubator

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The Competitive Advantage

The 4ft x 8ft worm incubator is basically a "money breeding machine". There are two basic types of worm systems on the market today, vermicomposting systems and worm breeding systems. The types of systems that fall into the composting category are pass through (or stacking) systems and continuous flow systems. Our worm breeding system is designed specifically to maximize the worms prolific breeding habits. It provides all the environmental benefits of the other vermicomposting systems, plus, we offer higher financial returns by producing more worms and their bi-products.

How? For one, our innovative design.

We produce the industries only electronically heated, insulated fiberglass worm incubator. This is an important distinction because worms will only reproduce within a specific temperature range. The incubator maintains an ideal breeding temperature all year. Your product is your profit. Our incubator allows you to maintain a consistent yield even in the winter.

The three primary sellable products are: The worms themselves (more is better), worm castings (poop) and leachate (worm tea - a concentrated liquid fertilizer). Worm composting systems tend to concentrate on the vermicomposting process, that being, the breaking down of organic material into worm castings (organic fertilizer). They often overlook the other two product revenue streams.

Our incubators produce more worms than any other growing system, bar none! This is a strong statement, but let us explain. When you maintain control of five (5) climatic conditions; temperature, moisture, pH level, oxygen, and food source, the worms will breed year around.

We at ECOLOGY TECHNOLOGY have engineered the incubator to provide maximum surface area. This makes a world of difference when it comes to worm re-production. Worms breathe through their skin and tend to feed towards the top layer of the bedding. So the more surface area you provide the higher the worm population the incubator will support. As long as worms are happily eating, breathing and absorbing moisture at the proper temperature they will reproduce. In smaller vermicomposting systems, overcrowding at the surface reduces breeding.

Each mature breeder worm can produce four (4) egg capsules per month. We have credited each egg capsule of producing four (4) baby worms. This equates to be about sixteen (16) worms per month from each breeder. Reference; page 10 of "Raising Earthworms for Profit" (included with the incubator kit). We call this the "Miracle of multiplication" or "The more product you produce the more money you make". With our incubator worm babies are continually added to the system. The ECOLOGY TECHNOLOGY system is a closed system, that is, all of a worms offspring (the product) are retained within the system. Whereas continuous flow systems are open systems, allowing a constant and continuous flow of offspring (profit potential) to be lost out the castings exhaust chute.

Leachate (worm tea) is another good money maker derived from the vermicomposting process. At
ECOLOGY TECHNOLOGY we recognized its profit potential and designed an 85 gallon leachate  reservoir onto our incubator. Effectively this provides a low maintenance collection and harvesting system. You harvest at your convenience. When it comes to the other composting systems on the market, what can we say, they either don't collect leachate, at all, or require you to continually swap out one gallon milk jugs.

The last product, worm castings, is natures best fertilizer. Castings are highly sought after by plant growers and companies selling to plant growers. To put it in simple terms the more worms you produce the more castings they produce. Since our incubators can support higher population densities you will realize higher output. Worm castings sell at various prices according to their quality. The casting produced by your
ECOLOGY TECHNOLOGY incubator will be thoroughly processes and can realize a higher asking price due to its superior quality.

Ease of Maintenance

Both stacking and continuous flows systems require a considerable amount of labor in their maintenance. With stacking systems you need to constantly shuffle the stacking order. With continuous flow systems you need to make sure the castings are emptying properly on a regular basis. With our incubator there is no need to lay on your back to empty a castings exhaust chute or have to use a rake to empty castings as with some flow through systems. With our worm incubator you will only need to empty the system twice a year, saving you your valuable time and labor. This also results in a higher profit margin.

Lastly, we designed our incubator so that it would be easy to work with. The durable fiberglass construction won't rot, giving it a long service life. It also has the proper proportions to allow easy transportation or relocation. The incubator will fit in a pickup truck bed and it will easily pass through a standard size door frame.




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